Just a Dream (video link included)

I play a part and I speak to the voices inside my head…when I am alone.

   I glide in and out of a space of no gravity…

      touching the stars and eating the Milky Way.

A Galaxy tastes so good with bitter remorse.


Writing poems for the few who listen. They come and

    they go. Not staying long.


Strange writings wrap themselves around

   my pen. Slithering their way around

my hand…gripping my fingers with an automated Hell.


Tiny little Forest Trolls claw at my chest and

       devour my sour soul.


Say something meaningful

       Beautiful Fair Maiden of

    the Wrought Iron Horse.


Come with me as I lead you to the Unholy River.

   Have all your sins been cast away?

How long can you hold your breath?

As I palm the back of your head.

   Forcing floods into precious lungs.

What’s wrong baby?

  Why is your face an unnatural color?

A riptide Spirit out for revenge…

  Night-time Devil

    Purple Siren

Don’t Worry Lover…

It’s All Just A Dream


 ©Timothy Grassan

Purple Night Poetry’s Just A Dream (YouTube Video)


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