The Thing Under My Bed

What is this horrible scratching under my bed?

Could it be strange demons in my head?


Turning a dead-eye towards the other side

You can run and you can hide

But, the Evil will never subside


The noise underneath by bed increases in tone

As I lie here all alone

   with darkness swirling all around me.



    Paralyzed in fear

Needing to shout …will anyone hear

       When no sound comes out?


Exceptional shock as I feel something

            touching my leg.

Shivering in pain and in fright

The tugging and scratching tip-toeing down my spine


Panic sets in as the uneasiness reaches a dreadful peak

So scared…only morbid thoughts I can speak


What is this thing under my box-springs?


Persistent clawing at the frame

Growling as Death lurks…oh, the song that it sings

Overwhelming, mind-numbing pain

Will somebody please…Please, HELP ME!


Breathing in gulps of shallow hopelessness

Dying, Dying…Flying in petrified worthlessness

This life…this death…Has it all been worth the risk?


Silent Fear

What is really here?

Beneath my bed and everywhere


What is this scratching comin’ from underneath?



The only sight that I can see

Comin’ from underneath

As my sweat soaked mattress, ever so tightly I squeeze

Is just a horrifying …





 ©Timothy Grassan




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