Fear The Beast (with Expanded Video Version Link)

At this very moment, a killer stalks you. You come home from your local grocery store and he is right behind you. You take a shower and the killer spies. You walk on the crooked sidewalks of your grungy town and she is watching through every window of every dangerous structure. Who is this menace? What is this shape? 

The answers to which you seek, you may find by looking into a cracked mirror or by staring at the distorted shadows on the blurry ground. Look down into a blood filled ocean. Do you recognize the two faces in the reflection?

If you look close enough you just might find that you have found both the demon and the victim. We all create our own prisons and develop our own monsters.

Be not afraid of the stranger beside you…fear the beast that uses your eyes to see.


©Timothy Grassan / Purple Night Poetry

Purple Night Poetry’s Official YouTube Channel

Fear the Beast (Expanded YouTube Video)


Thumbnail Image : https://pixabay.com/en/users/sik-life-2171488/


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