Atonement: Nightmare #2 (Poem and Video)

Do you recall who I am?

     Does the past connect precious joints of time?

Changing faces in the course of bad habits.

    I command you to kneel.

     Kneel Down

     Kneel Down before your own sins and all you’re worthless guilt.

No room for compassion now.

  What price are you willing to pay for a crisp, clear conscience?

The most expensive of wasteland won’t hide all the demons inside,

    That sweet blue mattress thrust of lust will cure

                                      your every ailment.

Cover up, my love

Take your comforter of carefully stitched 

          illusions and cover up both sides of your wretched mouth.

When given the choice will you swallow all

     your pride or will you chew me up and

       spit me out?

Time for atonement.


©Timothy Grassan / Purple Night Poetry


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