Nostalgic Resolution (Poem and Video Link)

Empty streetlights are speaking to me

Mind scattered with tragic debris

Going Nowhere

Maybe there is a way out

“Get in the ring” depression for another bout

Crush Me

In the shadows and in this grave

Cruel darkness strangling me in my intense cave

Killing Me

Music fills my ears from years ago

Got me “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”

“Using an Illusion” that is here no more

Just “Got to have a little Patience”

Is this the “Power of Love” that has me down

or is it that “I Need a New Drug” when you’re not around?

Something else to emulate

I need another way to “Break on Through”

when this “Music’s Over”

What else is there to do?

My Sweet “Earth Angel”

I’m an East side man “smokin’ my cigarettes with style”

Being persecuted without a trial

A Lifetime Sentence

The warm “Presence” of Mr. Reaperman always a “step behind”

“Out ta’ get me” this “Rocket Man” must be blind

Maybe, I Am He

Time to stop trying to “Pretend”

(And) Just accept my “Descend”

This inevitable “Funeral” you will attend

The lights turn on, the curtain closes

“The Show” is over for this “Old Blues Man”

“This is the End”

 ©Timothy Grassan

Video Link : Nostalgic Resolution Video


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