Custodian (Updated with Video Link)


This balloon planet has ten moons. A bright midnight flower.

It carries with it a red plague. Destroying certain sections of burnt 

grass. The Mothers and Daughters are tortured by the same shape 

that watches them, in steamy showers of remorse. Blue cascading 

water falls sadly onto the silkiness of innocent skin.

Is it her nature to cry or is it my 

    persistence  and influence that troubles

you at the most inconvenient of times? 

Sorry, I just can not and will not

     let you go.

Deep-rooted devotion residing 

    inside the walls of her brain.

Going back, way back…resurrecting precious 

memories. The night that Janis watched over her.


The obsessive stranger remains the custodian 

   of a secret and cosmic filing system.

The beautiful mind of a Forever Girl.

©2017 Timothy Grassan

Youtube Video Custodian Video

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