Slaughter of a Summertime Love (Poem and Video)

Thoughts, rotting away in a wasted mind

through a worthless life

weaving in and out of cautious lies

Intimacy, gathering dust

on this frozen mattress

Manufactured and condemned


Eludes me

Deludes me

Isolation expanding

Born inside my fractured sleep

Insomnia is where I weep

Loneliness darkens my mind

Sacred voices that are not real


In this toxic garden of wilting roses…I cry out upon numb ears

Weeds crawling, ever so slowly,  winding their way up the rusted trellises of my burdened mind. Will you water the dying Siberian Iris? Or will you allow dehydration to commit murder as you did all the Fiber-Optic Grass?  Heat from an invisible sun creates fatal droughts in this deathbed called my soul. Pretty Toxic Maids all in a fucking row. As the sunflowers get overtaken by thousands of swarming bees so do all my forsaken and forgotten dreams.


I hear something

Can you hear it?

There been a suicide here!

I can hear the remnants of a battered and shattered imaginary love jumping from a bridge of chaos and self-destruction. Splashing headlong into a sea of hopelessness. Pass me down that life preserver and then coolly walk the fuck away.

The Death of a Springtime hobby

and the slaughter of a Summertime Love


@Timothy Grassan/Purple Night Poetry