*Updated with Video* Vanishing Towers (Erect)

Let’s erect sacred vanishing towers

     This is the place where secret lovers die


Grant me a sacred scroll and give the blade just cause

     The bullet hits the brain and bounces back into empty halls of self-loathing


Is everything okay?

Maybe just for today

    As long as you don’t have to talk to me in any way


The strange creatures have now grown up surrounded by thoughtless indifference

No one can save me now


Cast those stones in your neatly wrapped fortress

     The end of an era or just the final moments of a tragic reality?


Residing in solitude on the Island of the Disillusioned  

The sole proprietor of your own misery

Never noticing what is right in front of you




A not so hidden secret…am I the only one who is blind? 


Don’t want to see what is so obvious

A one way fantasy going the wrong way.

A stop sign in the middle of a blackened forest.

Red and Green Octagon, camouflaged by carefully woven purple spiderwebs. Designed to keep the hopeful and desperate alive. [Attached]

I see you but do you really see me?


Something in the way

Optional sight on a plantation of convenient promises.

Haunted by sketchy ghosts. Meant to imprison lustful heartache and blur the line that separates what is real and what is not real. Penetrating passionate Gothic nights where light blue stars seem to rest on forbidden dreams. No one is safe from the terrifying nightmares of being painfully forgotten.


Have I lost this life or has this life lost me?

Who the fuck cares anyway?


©Timothy Grassan






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