Inside Her Disguise (Updated With Video)


Puncture time with crazy thoughts and crazy dreams

Around here nothing is what it seems

Mystical lies and Mythical schemes

Amethyst Fire, crackles and gleams


Many hearts wrestle in the night, underneath twinkling stars of fire

Up goes the smoke from the old cryptic funeral pyre

Saturated in conscious thought and lustful desire

They hum a tune taught by The Fallen Angels Choir


Bloody mirrors portray a sudden Devil’s reflection

With evil intent and forbidden affection

Dressed in beauty and unsurpassed perfection

Causing great distress and insurmountable infection


Strung up on a wall of laughing eyes

Serpent clowns and all of their lies

Inside an ancient theater are Satan’s Spies

Locked, savagely inside her disguise



 ©Timothy Grassan


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