A Novel Approach (Fade Away) [with Video Link)

A novel approach to a century defined.  Visit my scattered remains  and please don’t be long. Do notice that my grave is the one marked with Full Emptiness in the Grand City of Pain on the outskirts of the Region of Great Tragedy.

This is the Kingdom of Failed Desire.

Leave me behind so that you may embrace another. I suppose my needs are too desperate inside my creation of shallow incarceration.

My suffering too deep to cope. Tiny demons are alive in my all too forgiving heart and desecrated soul. Working in tandem with my false insecurities.

Alone…nothing is more worthy than being alone. Worthless and broken…is the imagination of a foolish romantic. Trying to hold a candle by it’s flaming wick. Scorching a hole where she used to lay.

Please secure me in your passion and let me drown in your sweetness.

A martyr I have become…something much less than human. I give my whole useless existence away. The pounding in my chest as my life-light fizzles out.

What now will become of my purple rotting carcass?

Loneliness has been a great friend and protects these disappointing remains. Many sad idealistic goals…frozen in what could have been and what never was.

Oh, How I wish that I could just fade away.

No tears should be wasted for this unworthy soul.

Go away from me and find the happiness that you deserve.

 ©Timothy Grassan

Video Link : The Sadness Journals Part 5


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