Who Am I? (Video Included)

The cuffs lock in place

Oh, the look on your your terrified face

No escape now, not even a trace

I am not real…not part of your human race

I am your mind as it goes on lock-down

I am your existence as it’s lost never to be found

Your secret lover buried way down deep underground

Your empty thoughts as they acrimoniously drown

I am all that you love and all that you hate

Representing all the hurt that you create

Pleasurable pain that you mandate

I am all the lives that you complicate

I am the truth behind all of your lies

The grand structure behind evil eyes

Am I all that you despise 

Everything that is pure eventually dies

©2017 Timothy  Grassan

Psychological Plasma : 3 Poems of Inner Turmoil {Spoken Word}


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