Another Letter From A Psychopath (A Disturbing Update)

Hey guys, It’s been just over a month since I found that first letter out on the bike path. You know…the one that seemingly had my street name in it. Well, I took that letter down to the police department and turned it over…I do have scans of it though. A detective did take a report but also told me that it was probably just a coincidence that my address was included in it. He also said that he doesn’t consider it a threat and there isn’t anything that they can or will do about it because “no crime has been committed”.  Although extremely frustrated and very freaked out, I had no choice but to accept what the detective said and go home.

Here is a link to the first letter for those of you who aren’t familiar with what has happened :

(Partial) Letter From A Psychopath

Since then, my dog was poisoned and little stupid things have come up missing. Such as articles of clothing from my clothesline. Then tonight, as I was out talking on my phone in my backyard, I noticed something under my deck…just sticking out.


Noticing that it was a piece of paper and curious to see what it read, I leaned over and picked it up.


Upon recognizing that it’s the same writing style as in that other letter…I immediately ran into the house and under the light above my kitchen sink , I read it. This is what it says…


I am very afraid right now. The police are on the way and I can’t move. I am documenting all of this in the event that something happens to me…maybe someone, somewhere out there can direct authorities to this site. I don’t know what I am going…


Oh shit that scared me..hold on just a second..I think the police are at the door now…



Letter From A Psychopath Trailer #1



©2017 Timothy Grassan


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