A Life Much Worse (Video Link Included)

A life spinning out of control. Shattering lies and everything involved.

        Is it too late to desist?


Sacrificial lambs on this stone of magic. Together, we can slice open the living creature and rub it’s pain into our skin and become as one. In a special peace offering of great separation anxiety. We deliver the Death of all Reason.


Surf the high fence of insanity. What’s on the other side?                                                                                  A Devil Man and his Nymphomaniac.                                                                                               Treacherous meanings hidden in the tasteless flooding  of the Well of Life.


Fear is catapulted into the atmosphere as we are shot out of Hell’s cannon.

Dying…Crying for the attention of the important ones. She breaks the chains and swims for a breath of fresh air. Floats to the top, engulfed in flames of false hope. A constant itching of heartbreak. A burning of something greater. Suffering a life much worse. 



©2017 Timothy Grassan

Psychological Plasma : 3 Poems of Inner Turmoil {Spoken Word}



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