Forever Pursue

A caged beast locked inside my head.

The floor falls away from underneath this bed

Maybe it’s true, some things are best left unsaid

Dead skin awakened by this tormented flesh that has shed


Swirling insanity coming ’round the bend

Take me now…I welcome the end

Understand this from within these tearful words that I lend

Where now my devastated heart do I send?


Purple Misery Sanctuary is now where I live

Is there any time left for us to forgive?

Could your thoughts be any more elusive?

Or is it that my soul is just too damn defective?


Deep inside, know this one thing to be true

I never wanted us to be over, to be through

Your heart, your mind and soul, I will forever pursue

The only one for me, is “Beautiful You”




©2017 Timothy Grassan


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