Answers To Which I Seek

I show my love and it gets thrown back at me

Is there anyway to make you see?

Tell me, is this love meant to be?

Sinking deeper into the musty depths of agony


I give my life, my soul over to you

Nothing more that I can do

Maybe, one last plea before you are through?

To bring back the love that we once knew


Maybe I am just wasting your time

Maybe your heart is just no longer mine

Answers are what I seek, Is that such a crime?

Regretful assumptions , without reason without rhyme


Are you still the one?

(or) Do you turn around and run?

Your soul, have I won?

(or) are you just completely done?


These words, I know, are worthless and weak

Savage imagery, I can no longer speak

Depression and self-loathing are at their peak

Will you give the answers to which I seek?



 ©2017 Timothy Grassan


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