Paradise Imploding (Poem and Video)

Summertime beckoning

    Bleeding ears on

  the verge of Nowhere 

        and Beyond


I  see the sun rising 

     & the moon falling.


Distant dreamscapes…clouded & twisted


Memories become nightmares…the ones

       that left me behind.


Purple Grasshopper, sing me a song

        An ode to mistaken 

                  horrible poetry

You know…the one that you

            are listening to 

                right now.


I’m sick of this smoky room

    & burdening unaware

   forsaken love.

      The kind of raptured  

                     romance that is never

allowed to breathe.

Choking on limited income and

         unstable transportation.


“Can I see you tonight?”


(Besides) You have better things to do


Do you seek out an adventurous

       life & a memorable Death?


Anyway…If you could go anywhere

                 or do anything…


*”I would get on the highway and just keep going. Disappear in a desert somewhere. Get Lost. Never to be found again…That’s what I would do.” *


On the side of the broken highway

     lie Sacred Ghosts. Floating echoes.


Wishful Thinking inside Wakening Reality.


Sunken ships at the bottom of an

       endless ocean. Dark & murky

   blue water. The stench rises up…

polluting little minds.


Take me back to where I came


No need to worry. On the surface

     things are just fine.

As far as you know, this is an ancient

“Paradise Imploding”.



©2017 Timothy Grassan

*  “If You Could Go Anywhere…”  Original Source :














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