Confusion (or) Something Else?

Tell Tall Tales ‘Til Tangible Tables Teach Twenty-Two Terrific Terrors




Fuck this place!    Fuck this place!

In both time and space…

Fuck this place!



Time bounds the heart and the mind as it heals distant

pain. The mystical passion is felt through these bars of

misery and green blocks of a thousand tearful eyes.




I am who I say I am. I mean what I say and I say what I mean.

What’s the point living in shadows; sight unseen?




Do you know what I am saying?  Probably not.




What exactly is this reality anyway?

We have nothing to prove to anyone. 

Find a different meaning to the words you say

Fuck this “poem”,  “I’m Out”   “I’m Done”




 ©Timothy Grassan





























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