Hidden Agenda

Hidden agendas behind masks of “friendships”. He plots the downfall of his greatest mistake. Grateful passion with sympathetic burden. Dishonesty is timeless (disgraceful). What becomes of the disloyal? Upon entering the puzzle of sacred responsibility, this sad beast has lost all integrity. Find the disenchanted spirit, then loan me her number. Seeking closure when there is no closure to capture. The grinding joints of reversed time. The hands move silently, quickly throughout never-ending cycles on the face of the Death Clock. Nothing is certain and the end is dangerously (tragically) close. Through and through, all savage death will be remembered. The red glow on the porch of loneliness slides into vast tunnels of disarray. With no more water in the well, bittersweet toxic plants dry up and wilt away. Tomorrow, lustful knees will have painful burns of the 5th degree. Put a cap on the tongue and spare thousands. No more left to say.

                                                  Good Times = Bad Karma

 ©Timothy Grassan

Photo Courtesy of :

@ pixabay.com

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