Eventually Goodbye

What is it that you want out of life little drama queen?

Before you call another out on their faults make sure your own conscience is clean

You live in your little fantastical bubble, lies told but still never seen

Bad vibes are what you give…your presence , morbidly obscene 




No more do I care about the lies you’ve told

Not a care in the world about the lives you’ve sold

The blood runnin’ through your veins, toxic and cold

With each manipulation and deception so bold





Always the martyr, forever the victim

Tell me…Are you happy now in your Fool’s Kingdom?

You will always be your own worst enemy…your biggest problem

Hiding behind your bullshit and your convenient religion 




Living your miserable life deep inside one big lie

Your soul as dark as a starless midnight sky

As years continue on, all alone, no need to ask why

Why, everyone around you, eventually says goodbye








©Timothy Grassan



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