Allow Me To Falter

On the plate, on the table

     The spoon boils as the fork dances

  around a ring of Green Fire.

Leave me alone. Allow me falter on these

     icy steps, alone. I need to be left to suffer, alone.

In this cell…in this cube…my only sanctuary is

  insanity (bred upon my lonely life).

I hold onto her as my life depends on


How is the forest helping the rain?

   How does this Death benefit from this life?

         Will this self-incarceration destroy my mind?

Confusing cascading mountain-top views. Eloping to 

  a snowy fantasy. Just you and I…Making love

until the rays of the sun peep in through silver blinds.

I love you.

Give me some truth, oh powerful one. Tell me that 

     I am not worth a fuck.

Go ahead…Tell Me!

©Timothy Grassan


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