Creepy Death (Video) and (Poem)

Creepy Death


Feeling funny, not feeling right                                                                                                  

Pain in my chest, feeling so tight

I see a dim white light, getting ever so bright

Could this be Death coming for me on this night?

Sinister Shadow enveloping me

So unforgiving, vulgar and carefree

Total oblivion…my future…I foresee

Take me from all this, I beg and I plea

Engulf me in your comforting embrace

Take me now, leave no trace

Oblivious in time…longing to leave this place

No more, my exhausted soul, will you chase

I sit here staring at this lavender ceiling

(Before) Green Death, on my knees, I am kneeling

Far beyond repentance…my fate…I am sealing

No more pain, no more tears and no more feeling

Intense pressure increasing in my chest

As this Death, I ingest

I scream and shout at this most welcomed guest

Just take me now…I so need to rest

This Death, I graciously follow

Into a place where there is no tomorrow

What Hell lies ahead inside this wretched guilt that I swallow?

Gone with all this misery as I sink deeper into this shallow sorrow

Where is it now…my Death…will I spend?

As I drift off into unconsciousness and descend

No need to be afraid, No more reasons to pretend

Pain and tranquility, mixed together…as my reality, I suspend

(Getting oh so near…Closer to the end)

Terror. Horror. Pain and Agony

Early morning nightmares better let to fallacy

Take my body, my spirit and my sanity

Pull me close to you using Hell’s Gravity

Staring frenetically  using Death’s perception

No more fantasies and no more deception

Never believed in much…Pain, the only exception

Opening my mind to a most anticipated reception

The Dead shall rise and the sea will turn red

This emptiness flows through the Souls that are fed

Clown-house laughter in my ears, filling my head

Could it be now that I am really dead?

Misery and Pain

Winding systems of acidic rain

Death’s Secret Messenger crawling back into my brain

All worries dissipate…as my life-force drains

No more will my Demons lose precious sleep

Beautiful insecurity runs so very deep

Tell me now, which memories you will choose to keep

Not much time is left (as) Death …in it does creep

Getting nauseous on that familiar smell

This feeling, I’m getting to know all so well

These secrets…I won’t tell

The tolling of the cracked Iron Bell


“Give your soul unto me and accept this fatal kiss

All your sin…the end of your suffering, isn’t it worth all this?

Nights spent alone, you will not miss

Just surrender your life to my beautiful bliss”

“Looking upward at my cursed face of fear

You are completely on your own, no one else is here

Eternal comfort, is so very near

It is I, only, whom does truly care”

“I am your Angel of Toxic Tranquility 

I, now, control all that you do and all that you see

Time to let go and come with me

Your bloody signature is All…I…Need”


Each one of us suffers the same terrible dream

The only way to redemption or so it would seem

Ride the wave of Death’s harmonious gleam

No use in crying, No one to hear you scream


Feeling a little funny, not feeling quite right

Pain and pressure, sensations so tight

I have stepped into the dim blue light, casting a shadow ever so bright

For it is Death that has taken me away on this night.


“Dear Listener,

What you just heard happens to be true

What shall you do when there’s nothin’ left to say?

This could be me or this could be you

Shall you lie down and just let Death take you away?”

©Timothy Grassan


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