(Partial) Letter From A Psychopath

Suppose that you are walking along your favorite bike path and everything is going great. Then you hear a rustling in the wooded area, just off to your right. You pass it off at first, after all , you are outside and it probably was a squirrel or bird or whatever. As you continue to walk along, you keep hearing the rustling. To the extent that you become a little concerned and paranoid that someone might actually be following you…watching you. So, you stop and cautiously walk over to where you think you are hearing the noise. You gather up the courage and with one quick movement, you push through the brush. You find nothing in the densely wooded area, initially. As you scan the area in question, you notice a small clearing. Completely freaked out now but very much intrigued…you slowly walk into the clearing. A dirty, wet sleeping bag and some empty soup cans is what you find. Because, by now, you are just totally afraid..you quickly turn around to run back out to the  bike path. As you do so, you notice a yellow piece of paper…just chillin’ on the ground, about 5 feet to your left.You quickly pick it up and just run. You run all the way home. It’s only then that you look at the paper.

Suppose that all of this actually happened to you. Well, it did happen to me.

I took a partial scan of the actual paper. This is what it said (in part):


I spilled coffee on the very bottom. So, it’s eligible but it read  “I do know where you live”…and although the writer didn’t have an exact address..my street name, was correct.



©Timothy Grassan

Letter From A Psychopath Trailer #1


Update Links :

Another Letter From A Psychopath (A Disturbing Update)


23 thoughts on “(Partial) Letter From A Psychopath”

      1. Let you in on a little secret about this particular story-line…I will be turning it into an ongoing series. A few friends and I also have plans to make it into a “YouTube Series” for my channel…but, sshhh (don’t let this secret out) 🙂 No one is supposed to know..ha ha ha

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Any type of help is greatly appreciated 🙂
        And, I don’t know how you feel about others promoting you but, I have a lot of followers on here, Twitter and Tumblr that just might be interested in reading your writing. 🙂


      2. NO!! Please don’t. 🙂

        I am ridiculously shy. I know it doesn’t appear so, but I am. There is a reason I only have 80 or so followers. The truth is, I don’t plan on ever having more than a 100 or less.

        I hate awards, public recognition, but I think it’s douchy to put “award free” in my blog, bleh.

        It’s the thought that counts, honestly. I’m flattered, but I prefer smaller interactions like this, so thank you for the thought, mister darkness. ;o)

        Bleh, that was more than you EVER wanted to know about then, isn’t it, haha!

        I need a damn drink after that little outburst! ❥

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