Another Night With You (with Video Link)

Waterfalls cascading onto a beautiful sunset. Overlooking nature’s wonderment.  Dew resting gently on the green grass blanket, on which we lie. Night-time gently approaching. As a full white moon rises up above our heads, I see you in a brand new light.  I look at you as if, for the first time. I see your azure beauty shining through the moonlit darkened summer sky. Rays of love, forever emanating from your hauntingly alluring eyes. The sexy way you gaze upon me…with deep penetrating cosmic devotion. A love so pure and so true that it eludes the human eye. Our hearts beat in rhythmic sync as our lips passionately make contact. I feel my future in your every touch. Two souls, sacredly intertwined as one. We hold each other in passion’s sweaty embrace as a new dawn approaches. As the rays of a newborn sun falls silently (glistening) on your naked figure, I fall in love with you all over again.                                                                                                                                                                                  Just Another Night With You.

©Timothy Grassan

Another Night With You Video Link



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