You Called Me Up…

I shall perish in this castle of dead wild imagination.

  I will soon be on the way back to you

Yesterday?  Today?  Tomorrow?

Who really knows for sure

My love have come across a thousand different seas ; impure

Just to be with you

Just to capture your very essence

Welcome me back with open arms



Kiss me

Hold me

Take me into you




Believe in me as I believe in you

Trust me when I say that I am taking you away from all this

Accept me 

Squeeze my warm hand as I lead you into another phase 

Another place




Gaze into my baby blue eyes as I show tranquility 

As I offer complete Nirvana



Tell me that you love me

                that you need me

                that you can not fucking live without me



You have called upon me all your life

You have waited for me all your life

You have anticipated this very moment since birth.



You want me

You need me

You beg for me

You called me to dance…

I am what you asked for…

I am…




@Timothy Grassan 




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