Sleeping With Death

Within the shadows of this pain,  blue twisting light slithers around my fucked up thoughts.

All I see are the ruins of “what could have been”

Lost in a mind-numbing ocean of “will it ever be?”

Around and around this regret goes

Will it be the end of me? I don’t really know

Shallow breaths holding back purple toxic tears

Sad, for seemingly no reason at all

Loneliness crushing my soul and breaking my fragile spirit…

Shall I keep trying live within this much well deserved Death?

Grieving…for a better way

                           a better day

                           Sweet Marital Bliss

 Does such a thing even exist?

Are You The One?

Oh, Darlin’…What Have I Done?

That Reaper is now beside me…lying in this bed

Skeleton arm, holding me tight

Comforting me

Embracing me

Is this my reality?

Her love floating back to me?

Is this just distorted reality

Dismally killing me..

©Timothy Grassan





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