Do Unto Others (Strange Paranoia)

Do unto others as others beg for mercy.  

I have crossed to the Other Side. I reside in the Tunnels of Fear.

I have witnessed the horrors of the Carnival’s Hell Ride.

I have visions and illusions that masks the agonizing images of passing time.

Solve the mystery. Sit alone. Destroy yourself in the name of Jealousy.

I envy you. I am outraged by Governmental entities. I grudgingly crawl on my hands and knees through thick Golden Poppy Death. The light is not seen unless you open your eyes.



Join me as I travel through my hideous past. Walking within demonic shadows. 

A grand adventure while I run from horrible self-creations of depression and despair.



I have to go now…Somebody is watching me from my window.



©Timothy Grassan


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