Back Road…A Paranormal Encounter Teaser (Collaboration Video Coming Soon)

Ye who, passing graves by night,
Glance not to the left nor right,
Lest a spirit should arise,
Cold and white, to freeze your eyes…
~James Russell Lowell, “The Ghost-Seer”




Lonely backroad..
Dark, desolate 
The dangerous  stranger scans left to right within the claustrophobic glow of the high-beams…
Focused, cunning…
Lonely backroad…
Dark, desolate
The forgotten soul wanders…on this deserted road…all alone in her search.
She is lost in thoughts of despair within clouds of glistening stardust
Thumbing for brief friendships…
Never getting too close…
She made that mistake once…
The dangerous stranger scans and spots his desire…through only limited halogen light…
He pulls up and pulls over, just ahead of the alluring forgotten soul..
“Need a lift?’  “Get in”
“Yes, thanks”   
(Sound Effect) 
Car door opens and then closes…
Coming Soon…
©Timothy Grassan

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