A Sweet Death

Pathetic, lonely and lost

I’ve lost it all, that’s the cost

Many times, that line, I have crossed

Beaten down, broken, my life completely tossed


I have found the perfect place, the perfect place for me to hide

A place to finally surrender to all the demons lurking inside

Somewhere that Sweet Death walks swiftly by my side

Soaking in this saddening hot tub of a painless suicide


Slowly decaying on the inside, the reasons aren’t clear

Tired of hurting, tired of running in fear

I don’t have anyone, no one is here

No use in denial when Death is so very near


Don’t you dare tell me you love me now

Too late now for that sacred vow

I gave you all that I could, at your feet, I bow

You don’t need me nor do you want me anyhow


Tell me a precious secret, c’mon just one more lie

Then keep at a safe distance and ask me why

Pull me close, whisper into my brain and create another imaginary lullaby

Selfishly, you have now missed the chance at any type of a meaningful goodbye


I must now take in my last toxic breath

As I relinquish this sad, dark  and lonely miserable life to                                                                        to the promise of a Sweet Death 



©Timothy Grassan


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