Never Open Up Again

Never shall I open up again.

Opening up and showing feeling leads to an eventual end.

It’s true that full disclosure must be a must.

However, what do you do when full disclosure leads to complete mistrust?

Opening up to show how much you really care.

Does nothing when regret leads to them no longer being there.

Allowing your heart to fall in love,

Gives way to heartbreak with just a little shove.

I guess, I should say I’m  sorry for loving way too deep,

These tears inside, I alone must keep.

I’m sorry but, no longer will I  depend on you as an emotional crutch.

I guess I fall too hard, too fast and care too much.

It’s sad to realize when the love you thought they had, is not there at all.

Who will they depend on now when they take that inevitable fall?

What’s really fucked up is there still isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do.

Because, after all , in more than one fucked up way…I am still, in fact, in love with you.

From here on out, I will keep everything inside.

Inside my own head, is where I’ll hide.

I’m sorry that the way things were has come to an end.

And, although I’ll still be here for you, I’ll NEVER open up again.

©Timothy Grassan 


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