Dark Ramblings #2 (Deep Indecision) (Reaper Calling Me Home) (with Video Link)

A single fleeting fever debilitates this lonely heart of mine

   Love-sick from broken promises (misleading words)

Allow me to purchase your soul…Quick Now!  I’m running out of time. 

   I can burrow into the wetness of your womb and weaken your defenses.

 Would that help to define your bruised and battered heart and maybe                                          mend sacred fences? 

I have an idea…

Put a bullet into my brain and finally grant me peace.

   Somehow these thoughts and feelings just have to cease.

What exactly is it about you that I just can’t let be?

     I think that I need you more than you want me.

Maybe it’s sinful lust or just plain insecurity.


Insomnia riddled life

Miserable existence

Alone in this quest to not be alone.

Appreciation: DENIED

Reciprocation: NOT THERE


Emotions funneling the wrong direction on a one way path.

How did it come to this?

Where did it all go wrong?

Anything for just for one more kiss.

The Reaper is singing my song.

In the Great House of Illusion

   I can feel the tragic delusion.

Senseless Deception all for what?

   I’m just here all alone now…I’m just stuck.

Tell me now just where do we go from here?

Please let me know that you still care.

The distance between us..with you over there.

Leads me to believe my crippling worst fear.

Need to know just where we stand.

Is there any reason to keep hope alive?

Just one more chance to believe

That maybe, after-all we are meant to be?

Do I need to just let you go and move on with my life (death)?

Indecision: NO MORE 

With imaginary purple trumpets sounding…

A haunting vision of my Reaper is calling me home.

©Timothy Grassan


Dark Ramblings #2 (Deep Indecision) (Reaper Calling Me Home) (YouTube Video)


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