Crossroads Paradox

Is it time for me to just go?

Where do I turn? 

I just don’t know.

Is it possible to want to be noticed and at the same time exist securely only in my own head?

A ghost roaming among public shadows.

You look down upon me as I look up to you.

Accepting death’s fate and exerting an innate will to truly live.

I reside in the center of a 5-way crossroad. No signposts to guide me. 

Faint voices reverberating off a purple shaded night sky…confusion…indecision. 

Am I missing pieces or am I the missing piece? A puzzle with a full picture…unknown.

Trying to make sense out of senseless life.   Maybe?  It would seem so, wouldn’t it?

Run away with me…Hold my hand…

Will you help me?

Do you have the time?

What do I mean to you?

Crossroads Paradox


©Timothy Grassan


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