Crucial Darkness (with video link)

Crucial Darkness.

As I race toward an early grave.

All alone with not even myself to save.

Crucial Darkness.

Fighting against time.

Struggling amidst a brutal tide.

Crucial Darkness.

Holding onto the edge with only one mutilated hand.

Ripped and torn, my soul crawling to make a stand.

Crucial Darkness.

Have I missed the starting gun?

While I’ve been out staring at a purple sun?

Crucial Darkness.

The reason, I can not say.

If I shall be here for another lonely day.

Crucial Darkness.

Telling me to come on back home.

A sacred place but, still I roam.

Crucial Darkness.

In her arms is where I long to be.

Does that place exist and is it for me?

Crucial Darkness.

I need a place to rest. My bones are cold and tired.

Is there a space for me beside your fire?

Crucial Darkness.

Am I worth your precious time?

Are you worth mine?

Crucial Darkness.

As I lie in my early grave.

Not alone anymore.  Too late to save.

Crucial Darkness.

Fading away to the bottom of the calm sea.

I finally found the place. The place for me.

Crucial Darkness.

Wash my remains away.

Time for me to go today.

Crucial Darkness.

©Timothy Grassan

Crucial Darkness (Video Link)


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