Frayed (with Video Link)

Specially crafted blue misery.

Time goes on and on, creating bittersweet memories . 

Heartbreaking memorials of a past that I can never get back. 

Studying the past and forgoing the future . 

When do I end this journey?

Where will we be?

Children trapped in an unstable world that their parents create.

Little lost souls swimming against currents of distrust and insecurity.

Trees of sorrow with branches of uneven good intentions.  Decaying roots grown in and around cracked foundations of deep self-hatred.  Choking the air from overgrown and exhausted lungs.  

Gasping for stale breath…Reaching up through sour soul, my dirty and bloody hands, tired from holding frayed ropes of despair.  

I cry out, on bended knees…sobbing in remorse and begging for forgiveness. the dead and hollowed Death Tree crashes down upon the vacant house, where my children used to laugh .  Shattering reflective windows and crushing the spirit of innocence . 


     Timothy Grassan 

Beautiful Frayed Butterflies Scream (Video)


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