Tragic Delusions 

Incarcerated whore

Imprisoned behind steel bars of self-destruction and diseased lust.

Walking, alone through an abandoned warehouse of domestic terror.  

When you are left dripping on a mattress of sorrow and tears, do you deceive yourself into believing that you live the good life?

Jagged little needle…giving off fatal sparks of euphoria .  Setting the stage for a strange, new set of characters .  Each one with the mentality of a dozen hungry lions.

Stitch together the million irregular shards of shattered glass of a life that you have systematically  smashed to pieces . 

Wasted dreams…secret flashbacks 

Giving over to nights of tragic delusions.  

Love?  Uh…Toxic sweetness

Choking on lavender fumes of a much different kind of fire.  Misleading flames…

No more worthless emotions. 

No more useless dreams.

No more room for me on your Parasite Paradise.


        Timothy Grassan 


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