Haunting Echoes (With YouTube Video Link)

Longing for a time that’s dead & gone.

   Stretching the hands of nostalgia

           far beyond reality.

This pressure, squeezing ever tighter

          around my sorrowful mind.


Haunting echoes of my past come alive

           within an insomniac’s

     illusion.  Chilling me to the bone.



              Enchanting this forsaken soul.


Secret lives dwell in the failures of 

                  a once promising future.


Hallucinating…is this sad old man.

              Visions of a sacred oasis


      Spellbound Nightmares (Symbolic)


Saddened soldier of a losing war.

         There is no unity among

                         the mournful.

Swinging silently in a tree of Purple Death.

        Green in the Valley of Deep Regret.


Overstating my importance on this

               Flight to Nowhere.


No Way  Out.



Freedom eludes me

        Dark skies,  Autumn Night

Cold & Lost


Where is my life?

      Where have I gone?


                  A dismal exit on 

                           a perpetual Ferris wheel.

           Broken lights and a rusty cage.

      Romantic landslide.


Do I belong here?

      These voices in my head, just

               won’t let me be.


Blue & surreal…is the fantasy world

           that dwells within my

    tragic thoughts.  (A Normal Life)


Haunting echoes of my past have

              now been silenced.



Haunting Echoes V2 Video Link



©Timothy Grassan





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