The Sadness Journals #4 (…Nocturnal Emptiness) (With Video Link)

The final embrace of a life well wasted.  

A cascading rainbow of simple sin.

Mourn not my horrible death but, the agonizing existence that I once had.

Now, join me…

As I speak words that no one hears…

The burning of love’s hot flames…torching the feelings of a lost and confused monster.

I shall spend all eternity as I have lived…within an abysmal and useless Nocturnal Emptiness.

My thoughts are not real

Fantasies; spinning, forever in a void of suicidal darkness.  

   Dreams that can only be dreamed by psychopaths, hidden deep within the walls of time itself.  The grand illusion of hopeless romantics.                                                  

12:53 AM—

   I raise my hand…that silver, shiny reflection…casting red shadows all over the bathroom wall.  Slowly swirling around the drain as the clear, crystal water swallows all the stench. Redemption is no longer an option.  Instead, it’s a curse.

Legends are told and the myths come alive.  

 There are no longer hidden meanings within my savage intent.

Breathless lies and too many expectations.

What you are witnessing is the end of an era of discomposure.  Once the physical body is gone, the soul can finally be at peace.

Tell me, sweet cosmic lover, will you combine ruthless beauty with brutal deception?

Full of secrets and empty promises.

Nightmares upon fantasies , twisting and turning…distorting ugly realities into ungrateful false witnesses using slanderous tongues.  The key to degraded mysteries lie inside a plastic lock box…covered with bloodied razor-wire. 

I drop down onto weak knees…I confess all of my sins.  You are my God and I am your Devil.  

Dangerous Beauty

I know you as you think you know me.

Look into my blue eyes and stare Death in the face.  (self-inflicted)

©Timothy Grassan


 …Nocturnal Emptiness YouTube Video Link



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