A Beautiful Curse (with Video Link)

Loneliness…Such a beautiful curse

Fooling myself and fooling everyone around me.  Pressure mending the impure.

Can you give me a ride?  Take me to the place where nothing grows.  The greatest show on Earth begins when the painful truth is revealed and there isn’t anymore masks that can hide the hurt.  I can see through you.  I can read you like an old worn out paperback novel.  The kind that highlights the exact moment that you lost everything.  

I don’t know which way to go

One joyous day, real soon…I will slip away into oblivion…in the stillness of a opiate-induced eternal sleep.  

Then and only then, you can be set free of all my wondrous delusions…

I have cast a spell on you and now I will release you…

Now, you can finally find someone that is worthy of your cruel and miserable deceptions.

Elegantly flawed and beautifully constructed are all the lives that you have led.

Swoop me up from the Underworld and take me on your perilous flight, with all of your wounded wings…

Within all of my imaginary lost loves, the greatest of tunes are those that Death’s Sweet Angels sings…

If you listen close enough, you too, can hear the music of Hell’s calling.

Beckoning you back to your one true home.

 ©Timothy Grassan        The Dark Writings Collection #2 (Terrifying Green Nightmares) and (A Beautiful Curse) Video Link


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