My Soul,  Rest In Peace (With Video Link)

Somewhere in between life and death.

When there isn’t anything left.

Deep inside this rabbit hole, is where I rest.

It was you that I loved the best.


Lies and deception 

Driving myself insane over a non-existent kind of love (lust).

How are you doing, my imaginary love?

Feeling nauseous and feeling sick.

Sharp pain penetrates my soul.

Tell me how you feel, sweetheart. 

Nothing is real,  only fantasy 

Fuck this love, life and death. 

Here is a much deeper, simplistic type of obsession. 

On the roof and in the eerily darkened room.

Lies my corroded soft memories.

All fake 

Not real

Sweet sanctioned fantasies have now turned to horrifying emptiness. 

My exquisitely beautiful darling…may your life get easier with great bitterness. 

Sadness,  is all I can feel.

A deep & dark void.

May my soul rest in peace.

Copyright Timothy Grassan           My Soul, Rest In Peace (Rock Version) Video Link




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