Preternatural Existence (with Video Link)

Here we are again…Tell me everything I want to hear…Show me all your hopes and dreams…Share with me all your fantasies…Give unto me all of your sinful desires…Every little piece of lust until my love is undeniable…Marry me in a darkened cemetery, where we can celebrate among hauntingly beautiful tombstones…Under a neon crimson moon…Cast playful shadows on mysterious mausoleums…Let’s make love on blades of wet, glistening grass…At dawn’s beckoning hour and as we hold each other in a sweaty embrace, we can, also, vanish within a Gothic timeline…Molecule by magical molecule, we are incinerated until we are one inside the fiery embers of this imaginary bonfire…Eradicated from both time and space…Never to have existed.    

 ©Timothy Grassan

Preternatural Existence Video


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