The Sadness Journals #2 (The War Rages On)

Maybe I deserve all this pain

This miserable life, I can not sustain

Left out alone, in this cold, cold rain

Suffering is all that I gain


Are you able to tell me that you love me?

Are you capable of complete devotion?


As I sweep this blade across my skin, I think of all the things left unsaid.  I conjure up painful memories of a past that is so obviously dead and gone.


I love you, can’t you see?

I need you in this life with me

Show me how to stop these nightmares and end the misery

Please just tell me that you love me


So many thoughts choking the life out of me

Your face, is all that I see

Draining my soul with every breath that I breathe


Within these random and torturous delusions

Something has been lost, my life, left in ruins

Shattered hearts and smashed dreams


So lonely, lost and sad

I need back, the life I once had



©Timothy Grassan


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