…And Yet, Another Update!

This is for those of you who actually give a shit…Sorry I haven’t written or posted anything in awhile.  I am very busy trying to get my fourth book finished up (The Depressive Drunkard Journals & Other Poetic Tall-Tales).   Like I said, for those who do follow me and like my writings, I have not fallen off this planet nor have I been in a blackout, drowning in my sorrows (this time, lol).  I will be releasing by new book, very very soon and along with it, a few new videos and a lot more postings on here.  I hope that you will enjoy all the new material heading your way!   🙂   With that, I will say “See ya later” and “I’ll Be Back, Very Soon”   Thank You, My Fellow Artists, Readers, Writers, Creators and Poets…



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