Dark Writings #2 (July 2004)

No more red vents with poisonous green death.                                                                                                      Revenge is sweet, when it’s unwelcome


What’s worth my time?  Duties over the mindless rapids of                                                                  the still waters, wrap around steady streams of blue thunder.


The cheese and the butter…They will flee the boiling pot of                                                          corn, that is popped from the silver cross of hunger.


“Just words” they say.  Open the top of my brain                                                                             and take the second ladder to the left.  Grip the                                                                               slippery sides and climb down into insane madness.                                                                      Created on a slab of glistening violence…widely                                                                             known, by many expert witnesses as my mind.


Big.  Form.  Mysterious Glow.  

Tall.  Foreign.  American.  Domestic.  Sheer.

Clothing.  Penetration.  Violation.  Intoxication.

Guilt.  Remorse.  Fun.  Satisfaction.

Don’t Worry.  This Won’t Hurt, I Swear.

I’m Coming Home.



©Timothy Grassan




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