The Sadness Journals #1 (Or How To Lose The War Within)

Constant moaning and whimpering.  Sudden wetness from down below.  As the springs violently squeak with painful annoyance.  Bizarre fantasies play out in the sweaty darkness.  Skin rubbing raw on the mattress of an antique couch.  We have now drenched each other in buckets of devotion.  I whisper sweet nastiness into your ear.  Pull your hair as you scratch my back.  Let’s howl at the full Autumn moon.  All the lovers, crying in the night, in honor of the calling of the honest couple.



Hearts of Desire, forever animated (desecrated)



Listen for the voice of shame.  Violate and rectify in the fruitful blossom of the daisy.  Grow hard and desperate, a crank shaft , stiff and pulsating.  Society and their nipples, anxious and sexy.  Passionate kisses, conveying the emotions of our hearts as sorrow fills my worthless soul.



For the beginner, I shall give the lessons of adult education.                             For the experienced, I shall give the value of a quarter.                                         For all the rest, My love and my addictions.                                                                                                   So Sad



Runaway puppies on a southbound train.  Where will they dine?                                                               NO PETS ALLOWED



Tear the cloth.  Soak the rag.  Soil the sheets.  All through an open window.  Leave the scene, unaware of the dangerous set-up.  To each will continue through the pattern of an Amazing Death.




©Timothy Grassan


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