Cautionary Dream (Campfire Tales #1)

The dead has risen up from the muddy graveyard-suspension track.  Evil has leaked out from beyond the soul and three of all the rest must run away from the soothing blue light.  Spend the night with spiritually possessed satanists.  Become the wanted flesh-sacrifice.  Let your blood drip onto the breasts of the ones who came before you.  Share the meaning of rotting souls with the bones of your shallow breathing mystical lover.  The stars come out to welcome you to your own funeral procession.  As the wicked parade slowly enters your hometown, kneel down upon your bruised and bleeding knees and lick the oozing purple plasma from the cold and rusted gutter grates.  Extend a sexy arm to slide under the skirt of lonely hitchhiking vanished women of deserted highways.  On their backs, the spines squirt lumpy liquid from the underside of broken ribs.  Dangerous singing children, cautiously, guide you to the cellar  of shattered dreams.  Echoing screams faltering throughout small rooms in the Chamber of Obsessive Spoons.  Shoot the vein with psychotic illusions of improper affairs with medieval knights.  

                              All in one dream…spread out over decades

©Timothy Grassan


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