To My Children

   On this rain-soaked August morning, I find myself drifting off into memories of a failed marriage, lost loves and the echoing laughter of my children.  Not as they are at this moment in time but, as they were as little kids.  So many happy times and so many not so happy times.  One thing that I have never lost sight of are those precious moments where just the smallest of things would spark  joy, laughter and wonderment.  Although, much has changed since those bittersweet memories were created…the one constant is their sense of innocence.  Not innocence in the aspects of life’s hardships but, innocence in their perceptions of how to deal with the hard times…Never losing that infectious laughter and never losing sight of what matters the most…FAMILY.  

    As I sit here , trapped in remembrance…tears silently streaming down my cheeks, with many, many regrets and with much more gratitude & appreciation…I know that I will never lose that sweet, innocent laughter of the past and as that laughter has matured , it has never wavered.  It is that very laughter that has kept me going through all these years.  My children will never know how much they have helped me through the struggle of this ” so-called life”.

    I will always find a home in their laughter….shining through all of life’s bullshit…It’s their amazing laughter and unwavering sense of individuality, that has and will always keep my train moving along.

     To my children, Thank You for being you.  Thank you for being my constant and Thank You for being a beacon of hope and redemption.

         Thank You and I Love You


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