Still, No Word…


Still no word from the homeland.

         The reason for my departure I cannot

               reveal.  Fore, the details are written in

         Satan’s blood.  Deep deception and piercing

               sabotage, just two of the chosen

     paths of this search for an entity known

                only as “Man”.

      I will say that last night, I felt, that beneath

          the mysterious glow of the bar, I

    was within a Dragon’s Breath of this evil

            incarnate.  I will keep you posted on the

     progress of this over-exhaustive quest.


I can’t conceive as to why I am getting shutout from

                     life.  Do you know?


Slowly fading away are the hopes and the faith that

                         I once had.

Suicidal momentary lapse of Existence.

                Who am I really foolin’?

                             IRONY?  Yes, I think so.


Drowsy from the side effects of intense, sweat filled

                          insomnia.  Dark wounds heal on their

               own terms.  Breathe me inside your lungs, tonight.

Lord knows, you are always with me.

              Am I mistaken?

             Are you wasting your time with me?

                                   Are you wasting precious dreams & fantasies on me?


©Timothy Grassan


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