Fear Not, Home (Video Added)

Fear Not, Home By Timothy Grassan (The Video)


Living in a guilty haze

Destroying all my days

Come as you are, have a seat

Shake hand with insanity, as you meet



Driving towards the imaginary Death

Discover the dreams and fantasize your final breath

The darkness blinds your sight

Relax, try not to fight



Resist your growing needs

Lay your head down, in the weeds

What is now, is now no more

The light shining in from the second door



Talk to the evil blocks

Don’t forget to leave your gun cocked

Stand side by side with your demon

Let the madness take you where you desires begin



As you slip on down the endless road

Decide the map onto which you’ll go

The streetlamps guide toward your blues

Time now has come to pay your dues



Submit to the ironic flame

Back to the pit from which you came

Never saw someone so alone

Don’t fear, you are going home



©Timothy Grassan


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