Dark Euphoria Lending Her Hand (with Video Link)

Heavy music gives the full moon power to

       my shaking hands.  Volumes of post-war

laughter is heard in the house that stands no more.

Footsteps serve each other.  One is back and one

     is reverse.   I love you , so very much.

Are you sad?  Are you glad?   Are you mad?

         Are you caught in a spider web

                  of insane convictions?

What are you going to do about it?

                Join the Cajun tramps and

                               spread the rubber- Death





The legend is still

   being led to the

  cross.  What crime has he


The drugs are inhaled through the left nostril-

    agony of the confused drunk.  Waiting on

the Love Song to disappear and then

       he will consume strange pills

and toxic water.

I am so afraid of being alone.  Being trapped

  in the world without my love.  I won’t

accept this life without her.

©Timothy Grassan

Video : The Dark Writings Collection #5


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