When Is Enough, Enough? (Question To Ponder)

When is enough , enough?

At the point when I swallow the last pill.  When I speak my final word and I write my last sentence.


I can see it so clearly now…How everything in my life has led up to this.  The finality of this battle excites me.   The very thought of not having to fight my Demons anymore, gives me a peaceful feeling.


When should I say goodnight for the very last time?

At the very point where goodbye actually means goodbye, Forever.

There is no greater suffering , than to deal with a broken heart and a shattered soul.



The increasingly strong force of depression, anxiety and sadness, will force my hand on this night.

The Reaper has finally caught up with me and side by side, with holding hands, he leads me into the Darkness of Death.  The blackness of nothingness, that purple haze on which I rely.

So, I ask you, my faithful audience:

When is enough, enough?


©Timothy Grassan


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