Dark Poetry Masterpost


Images Of Darkness

A though-provoking collection of poetry and thoughts as seen through the eyes of the author’s depression, with little glimpses of hope.

Paperback : Images (Paperback)                                                                                                 ebook : Images (ebook)                                                                                                        Audiobook : Images (audio)


Ramblings Of The Clinically Depressed : Images Of Darkness Vol. II

This collection of writing…picking up from where Images of Darkness Vol. 1 left off… dives even deeper into the abyss of deep depression.

Paperback : Ramblings (Paperback)                                                                                           ebook : Ramblings (ebook)                                                                                                 Audiobook : Ramblings (audio)


Autumn Night Sanctuary

A short collection of poetry, thought and fictional stories on such topics as death, depression, love, hope and imagination.

Paperback : Autumn (Paperback)                                                                                                ebook : Autumn (ebook)                                                                                                       Audiobook : Autumn (audio)


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